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  • 2017-2008

    • 41 patents for utility models / Madrid International Trademark Registration / Registrated CHANA in Spain, Britain and other 8 countries successfully
    • Production begin at the new factory located in Yanpan Industrial Zone - Latest company address
    • CHANA authorized as Wenzhou Famous Export Brand
    • Achieved Yueqing mayor's Quality Award
    • Evolution Of Products: High Breaking Capacity Circuit breakers, New Type Contactors, Electrical Device for Smart grid etc...

  • 2008-2005

    • Changan signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang University
    • Science and technology innovation association was formally established
    • Evolution Of Products: HV&LV Power Distribution Cabinet, Switchboard, Intelligent Instrument,Stabilized Power Supply, types of Electrical Protective Device and Starter

  • 2005-2000

    • Independent Export Right
    • Production begin at Changan Qiligang Industrial Zone - Previous company address
    • Set up over 500 sales agents
    • Institute of Private enterprise to help the poor was established and donated 3 million RMB
    • Changan Investment Co.,Ltd was established
    • Changan signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang University
    • Evolution Of Products: MCCB, ACB

  • 2000-1996

    • Independent Export Right
    • Changan Group Co.,Ltd was established
    • Evolution Of Products: MCB,RCCB,RCBO,Isolation Switch

  • 1996-1987

    • Changan Electric company was founded with national industrial products production license
    • ISO9001 Quality System
    • Evolution Of Products: AC Contactor


EKM1-125 MCB
EKM1-OF/EKM1-FB Auxiliary Contact for EKM1,EKL3
EKM1-MX/EKM1-MN+MV Shunt Release Over/Under-voltage Trippe
EKL1-63 Electromagnetic Type RCCB
EKL2-40 Electronic Type RCBO
EKL3-40 Electronic Type RCBO
EKL4-40 Electronic Type RCBO
EKL5-63 Electronic Type RCBO
RCCB & RCBO Circuit Diagram
RCCB & RCBO Characteristics
Isolation Switch
EKD1-125 Isolation Switch
CAH2-125 Economic Isolation Switch
CAU4-40 Surge Protective Device
CAU4-40Z SPD DC Type for Solar System
Other Electric for Din Rails
EKMF Modular Contactor
EKBT Bell Transformer
EKSL Modular Signal Lamp /EKPB Modular Pushbutton Switch
EKEB Electric Bell
EKHL300 Changeover Switch
EKP20/EKP7 Modular Socket
EKLT001 Latching Relays
SUL181H 24hours Timer Relay/SUL181A 24hours Timer Relay/CAE8 Timer/CAHC15A Weekly Programmable Timer
Industrial Breakers
CAM1 Series MCCB
CAW1 Series ACB
CS2 Series MPCB
CC1-09-95A AC Contactor
CC1-115-800A AC Contactor
CJ19 Capacitor-Switching Contactor
CC1-N Reversing/Change-over type Contactor
CC1-09-12 Mini Contactor
Accessories for Contactor
Thermal Overload Relay
CR2-03-63 Thermal Overload Relay
DOL Electromagnetic Starter
CQ1-09-95 Electromagnetic Starter
CQ2-09-95 Electromagnetic Starter
Distribution Box
HAG IP30 Plastic DB Box
TXM IP40 Plastic DB Box
TXM IP40 Plastic DB Box
HT IP65 Plastic DB Box
HA IP65 Plastic DB Box
CA-T Water-proof Junction Box
CA-B Water-proof Junction Box
1CAB Steel DB Box
Control Switch & Indicator
Mini Digital Display Meter
AD22 LED Indicator
CB2 Pushbutton Switch
CAL Control Box
LW26 Rotary Switch
LW30 Isolation Switch
High Voltage Equipment
KYN61-40.5 Metal-clad Movable Switchgear
KYN28A-12 Metal-clad Movable Switchgear
XGN□-12 Fixed Type Metal-enclosed Switchgear
XGN15-12(SF6)Air Insulated SF6 RMU
SRM□-12 Full Gas Insulated RMU
TBB High Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device
YBM-12/0.4(F.R)/T-□ Prefabricated Substation(EU Type)
YB6-12/0.4-□ Prefabricated substation(Box-type)
More Product
Voltage Stabilizer
SCTK Series Current Transformer
CA Series Relay
Power Fitting & Tools 2018
Swichgear & High Voltage Products 2018

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